Provost IT provides limited server and application hosting services to some departments and business units we support.

Various departments supported by Provost IT choose to host servers and other applications on our state-of-the-art virtual server infrastructure. In partnership with USC Information Technology Services, our infrastructure connects directly to ITS’ network, providing a direct connection to other USC resources and allowing your applications or servers to reside behind the Provost firewall.

Provost IT also provides systems administration services to servers and applications which are hosted on our infrastructure and maintained for departments we support. This means that our skilled team will ensure your server is kept up-to-date and properly secured along with the rest of our primary infrastructure and systems.

For more information on our server hosting and virtualization services, or to inquire about its usage for your department’s hosting needs, contact us.

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  • Approved to store high-risk data, with the exception of payment card and personal health information
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