The Provost firewall is responsible for controlling network access to Provost services, applications, and servers. It also blocks malicious requests and network traffic directed at Provost resources.

Provost IT maintains a firewall in collaboration with Information Technology Services that sits on USC’s network between our server infrastructure and the USC network and internet. Many Provost IT-supported end-user workstations are also protected by this same firewall.

The purpose of the Provost firewall is to ensure only authorized and non-malicious network traffic is allowed to and from Provost IT-supported resources. Suspicious network traffic, and network traffic not matching specific rule sets, will be blocked.

The Provost firewall’s presence is invisible to most end-users; however, the firewall will occasionally block legitimate traffic or network requests. Should this occur, Provost IT can make the necessary adjustments to allow such traffic through. If you believe the Provost firewall is blocking legitimate network traffic, or if you would like to request a firewall rule change to allow or block specific traffic, please contact Provost IT through the Get Help link above.


  • Anyone accessing Provost IT-supported services, applications or web sites
Data Security
  • Approved to transmit high-risk data
  • Free for eligible users