Phishing Email Alert: COVID-19 Relief Benefits

On the morning of June 11, many users received a phishing email from a USC staff member instructing them to click a link to receive COVID-19 relief benefits. The email had the subject “Re: Thank you!” and Keck Medicine of USC branding within the message. Do not click the link in the email. It is a phishing email that will … Read More

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Scam & Cybersecurity Alert

Click here to visit Provost IT’s Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity and Emergency Resources portal >> News stories about the coronavirus (COVID-19) are incredibly popular on social media and other online platforms. Recently, you may have seen stories or posts on Instagram, Facebook and other outlets with information on the virus, its spread, and how to stay safe. Unfortunately, the virus’ … Read More

“You have a secure message” Phishing Alert

During the morning of 1/13/18, many users received a phishing email claiming to be from “Provost IT Support” or “One Drive” telling them to click a link to view a secure message. Do not click on this link. This is a phishing email which will attempt to steal your confidential login information. If you received this message and replied to … Read More

Critical Mac Security Flaw

Earlier this afternoon, a user on Twitter publicly disclosed a critical security vulnerability affecting Mac OS X Computers. While the extent of the vulnerability it not yet fully known, the issue allows any malicious person to easily gain full access to your computer with extremely little effort. This problem also affects the latest version of OS X, High Sierra 10.13.1. … Read More

WannaCry Malware Warning

Over the last 48 hours, security researchers have discovered a particularly malicious strain of malware targeting Microsoft Windows computers worldwide. The ransomware is known to lock all files on a victim’s computer and network drive(s) and then demand a significant monetary payment in order to unlock them. Infections have so far been discovered in almost 100 countries worldwide and have … Read More

President Nikias Phishing Email Alert

Many individuals have recently reported receiving emails from USC President C.L. Max Nikias asking them to open an attachment in order to view an important message from the President. If the user opens the attachment, a document instructs them to click a link and then login to a page to view the secure message. If you received this message and replied … Read More

Cisco WebEx Plugin Vulnerability Alert

Cisco recently announced that a critical security vulnerability in their WebEx video conferencing software can potentially allow a remote attacker to take control of your computer. The WebEx computer conferencing plugin for all major browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer, is affected by this vulnerability. Additionally, you do not have to be a host of any meetings … Read More