Conference room calendars allow multiple employees within an office to easily manage the scheduling of a shared space, such as a room, through Outlook/Office 365.

Shared room calendars appear within Outlook as a location where an individual can book a meeting. They are easy to use and can be customized to meet the security and design requirements of your specific area or department. Conference room calendars can also have designated owners who receive requests to book that specific room or area.

Conference room calendars work equally well for situations in which an entire team or group of people books meetings in a specific room, or when a specific individual books meetings on behalf of anyone who wants to use a specific team. Permissions can also be customized so that specific individuals have greater access to bookings in a room than anyone else. For example, a room can be set so that only a specific team can see the times when it is free busy. Alternatively, this information can even be restricted to just one person, or opened to anyone with a USCNet ID.

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