Network file shares, commonly referred to as “user drives” and “group drives” or “G” and “U”-drives, are storage locations where individual users and departments can easily save files.

Network drives are a secure, reliable and easy-to-access resource for storing any documents, photos, spreadsheets, and other files related to your work at USC. Storing files on your “G”-drive allows you to share them with other users in your department easily and quickly. Files stored in your “U”-drive are only accessible by you and cannot be shared with others.

Files stored in network drives are frequently saved and backed up by Provost IT, with previous versions being kept both onsite and at a secure, offsite storage location. This means that all users should store business-related content on their U: or G: drive rather than their local computer.

Accessing Network Shares

Both Windows computers and computers running Mac OS X or Linux can easily access files stored on network drives. For more information on how to configure network drive access, please visit the links below.

Devices accessing Provost network drives must be physically wired into USCNet or must be on USC Secure Wireless. If the device is off-campus, the USC VPN must be used or else access to any network drives will not work.

Department “G”-drive Folders

Most departments supported by Provost IT have their own “G”-drive that anyone in that department may access. Some departments may have additional folders for use by smaller groups of users within that larger department or division. If you would like to request additional folders for your department’s use, or if you would like to modify permissions or review existing permissions of departmental folders, contact Provost IT using the link to the right.

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  • Staff, faculty, student workers and iVIPs within departments supported by Provost IT
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  • Approved to store medium-risk data only
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