Provost IT maintains and oversees disaster recovery and backup solutions for the various systems we provide and support. Our team also provides special consultation and services, where appropriate, to ensure the safety of high-priority applications and data.

Provost IT uses various backup systems to ensure the safety and integrity of the data that we maintain. Backups of server systems, web applications, databases, and file stored on our network are often kept for several months, or sometimes longer to comply with storage policies of regulated data.

Backups are taken at regular intervals to ensure a recovery point objective (RPO) of as recently as possible, in alignment with Provost IT’s disaster recovery and business continuity plan. An RPO is the maximum amount of time since the most recent backup where tolerable loss of data is allowed following an outage or disaster. The frequency of backups taken depends on the specific system and type of data being backed up.

Backups are also stored at a secure offsite location away from the University Park and Health Sciences campuses. This ensures that in the event of a catastrophic disaster, IT infrastructure can continue functioning from an alternate location with as little of a loss of data as possible and in the quickest amount of time possible (defined as the RTO, or recovery time objective).

Provost IT regularly tests the integrity of its backup systems to ensure they are functioning correctly. In exceptional circumstances, we may be able to restore files that were accidentally deleted from a network share. For more information on this process, or for questions regarding Provost IT’s backup and disaster recovery services, contact us.

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