Slack is an enterprise collaboration platform which allows for one-on-one chats, group messaging, video calls, and file sharing across the USC community. It also integrates with other tools, such as Office 365 and Google Drive.

Slack is a virtual workspace platform which allows for easy collaboration with other teams (faculty, staff and students) across USC. It allows for a searchable message history across your chats, as well as integration with hundreds of other popular applications.

Slack can be used via a desktop app, mobile app, or on the web. To download the mobile app, search for and download the free Slack app from your device’s app store. To login, use the workspace name trojantalk. USC has what is called a Slack Enterprise Grid; premium features are included for all USC individuals at no extra cost.

For assistance getting started with Slack, check out the additional resources linked below. You may also reach out to Provost IT on our Get Help page to arrange a customized training session for your office or team. For any other assistance getting set up with Slack, contact USC Provost IT.

Additional Resources
Login to USC “Trojan Talk” Slack >>
  • Any USC staff, faculty, student, or iVIP
Data Security
  • Approved to store high-risk data, with the exception of payment card and personal health information
  • Free for eligible users