The USCNet wired network is the data network computers and other devices physically connected to a wall jack on USC’s campuses connect to.

All desktops and laptops plugged into USC’s network (“USCNet”) must be registered with USC Information Technology Services. Provost IT completes this registration process for all Provost IT-supported and purchased devices.

If your network-connected device is determined to be causing a problem on USCNet, it will be disabled by ITS. When this happens, Provost IT will investigate and reach out to the department or primary user of the computer and discuss a resolution. Network misconfigurations, malware, or unauthorized software installed on your system can cause it to be blocked.

By policy, only Provost IT staff may register devices in our networks/VLANs. Not all network jacks in a building of office space may be active. Additionally, unless specifically authorized, Provost IT-owned or purchased computers must be registered to Provost IT, and not to the end user using the device or any other individual. If you have questions about registering a device and belong to a Provost IT-supported department or business unit, please read the policy below or contact us.

Additional Resources
  • Staff, faculty, student workers and iVIPs within departments supported by Provost IT
Data Security
  • Approved to transmit high-risk data, with the exception of payment card and personal health information
  • Free for eligible users