Provost IT’s print servers allow Provost IT-supported users to easily print documents to hundreds of printers in various offices around campus. This service is not a student or lab printing service.

If you have a mechanical problem with your department's Xerox machine, such as a deep paper jam for example, please contact Xerox directly through the phone number listed on the sticker on the machine itself. Provost IT is only able to provide limited support for Xerox problems unless they relate to our print server. For questions about this, please contact Provost IT.

Most Provost IT-supported users are automatically given the necessary permissions necessary to print to the printer(s) in their immediate work area. This means that the appropriate printers are automatically added to their Provost account upon logon, so no extra steps nor installation process is required to begin printing documents after logging in.

If you require access to a printer that is outside of your normal work area, or if a printer you were expecting to see does not appear automatically, follow the instructions at the link on the right-hand pane to manually add a new printer to your user account. Special permission may be necessary to access certain printers. If you attempt to add a new printer and have difficulty doing so or receive a message about insufficient rights, first contact someone in the office where the printer is located. If you still have trouble, contact Provost IT.

Various printers we support are configured to require a department code or special account name/code to print. This setting is a choice of the department where the printer resides and is generally used for billing purposes and to keep track how many pages specific users print. As this billing process is often handled on the departmental level, Provost IT cannot provide printer passwords or billing information.

Additional Resources
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  • Staff, faculty, student workers and iVIPs within departments supported by Provost IT
Data Security
  • Approved to process medium-risk data, with the exception of payment card and personal health information (which may not be printed except on secure networks)
  • Free for eligible users