USCNet IDs are accounts provided by Information Technology Services and allow access to many centralized USC services, including Workday, myUSC, USC Secure Wireless, and Office 365.

USCNet IDs are issued and supported by USC Information Technology Services (ITS). Provost IT is only able to provide limited support for issues with USCNet IDs. For assistance with your USCNet ID, please contact ITS.

USCNet IDs, also known as Shibboleth or Enterprise accounts, are accounts issued to all USC faculty, staff, students and iVIPs. They are issued by USC Information Technology Services and can be used to access many centralized USC systems, including Office 365, Google Apps, Blackboard, Workday, USC Secure Wireless, and other systems.

USCNet IDs consist of a username, password and, for some users, a second-factor of authentication. This second factor of authentication, powered by a service called Duo, is an additional step you must take upon each NetID login to prove your identity. This additional step can be receiving a phone call, receiving a notification on your smartphone, or receiving a text message with a six digit code.

Staff and faculty members at USC are required to enroll in Duo two-factor authentication upon the activation of their USC NetID. The service is optional for students but required of those holding student worker status.

USC NetID accounts are distinctly different from a Provost account. A user’s USC NetID account username will always match their Provost IT-issued username. The password for their USC NetID account will also sync with your Provost Account password.

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  • USC staff, faculty, students and iVIPs
Data Security
  • Approved as a method of authentication into systems which store low, medium and high-risk data
  • Free for eligible users