Provost IT recently announced that staff and faculty using email addresses that end with will temporarily have those emails changed to end in For more information on this upcoming change, please read some of the frequently asked questions below:

What exactly is being done?

Your primary USC email is the address from which your USC account sends mail out as (i.e. what recipients see in the “From” field when you send them an email). This address is also listed with your name in the USC Directory.

This change encompasses temporarily modifying this address to end with instead of In some cases, the name before the will also change slightly as well. If this is the case for you, the email you received notifying you of this change will state this.

No other modifications to your mailbox, computer, or Outlook program are being made as part of this change.

Why is this change being made?

Provost IT is evaluating potential backend changes to how some of our users send and receive their USC email. We’ve heard loud and clear feedback from many of our users over the past several months that your experience using USC email hasn’t met the standards you expect. As such, this change is a precursor to potential infrastructure changes that Provost IT may make to improve your user experience as well as the security of your messages. We’re excited for what’s to come and hope to share more details about these potential changes in the coming months.

Is this temporary? When exactly can I have my address back as my primary email?

This is a temporary change. The infrastructure to allow the change back to your primary address will be completed within the next several weeks. It is important to note that even though your primary address changes to end in, you will still be able to receive messages to your email address just as you do today.

Will I lose any email as part of this process?

No. This change does not affect your messages or the contents of your inbox. Even after this change, you will still be able to receive messages to your email address just as you do today.

What do I have to do?

Nothing. This change will transparently occur in the background.

Can I change my primary address to something else?

Yes. For most staff and faculty, your same address will persist and will carry over to its equivalent. For example, if your current primary address is, it will likely change to The email you received notifying you of this change will say what your new primary address will become.

Some staff may prefer to change the default address they use. For example, you may wish for your address to become, instead of If you would like to change the new address you receive to something else, we are happy to help facilitate the change as long as it does not clash with an existing address. For more information, please contact us.

Who else does this affect?

This change affects a small number of staff and faculty who work in the Provost’s Office, Provost Shared Services, Academic & Faculty Affairs, and select research labs supported by Provost IT.

Who can I talk to if I have more questions?

Members of our team are standing by to help. If you have questions, email or call (213) 821-0009.