The Lincdoc system, also known as eForms, allows users to fill out online web forms and then have those forms automatically processed into the Laserfiche system.

Each form created in the Lincdoc system is automatically converted to a PDF which is then transferred into a specific location in Laserfiche through a custom integration. Departments wishing to create new forms, modify existing ones, or adjust the way forms are converted into Laserfiche should contact Provost IT.

Lincdoc is integrated with Shibboleth, USC’s centralized USCNet ID authentication system. Many forms that are able to filled out in the system require Shibboleth authentication and they then gather a user’s details (name, email, department, etc.) to automatically pre-populate specific fields on a form.

The Lincdoc system does not have a centralized administration URL that is publicly accessible. Additionally, due to the custom integration involved, end users may not customize forms created in the system. Instead, departments currently using Lincdoc who have questions about its use – or end users who have trouble submitting forms in the system – should contact Provost IT or the department who maintains the specific form in question.

Related Services
  • Staff, faculty, student workers and iVIPs with a USC NetID may submit forms
  • Only authorized Laserfiche users may view and process incoming Lincdoc form submissions
Data Security
  • Approved to store medium-risk data.
  • Free for eligible users to use.
  • Charged to departments wishing to use the service to process incoming forms. Contact Provost IT for pricing details.