Laserfiche is a secure enterprise content management system used by several departments to receive, organize and archive documents, data and other files.

Provost IT maintains the Laserfiche servers and content stores (“repositories”) used by the departments we support. This includes server updates and maintenance, as well as maintenance and updates to the Laserfiche software itself. Provost IT also provides first-level troubleshooting services for Laserfiche issues and is the point-of-contact to escalate more complex issues to Laserfiche support.

Documents and files in Laserfiche are placed in various repositories, which act as content stores and have controlled permissions. Folders within each repository can also have more granular permissions to permit or deny access based on user name or group.

Authentication into Laserfiche is done by either using your Provost account or a separate user account only used for Laserfiche access. The specific repository you are accessing will determine which method of authentication you will use. For questions on authenticating into Laserfiche, contact the department whose repository you wish to access, or Provost IT.

Laserfiche also has a variety of plugins which are used to automate various business tasks. These include quick fields, the import agent, workflows, web access and administration, and various others. Each plugin is licensed separately on a per-department basis. For more information on which plugins your Laserfiche server is licensed for, contact the department whose repository you are accessing, or Provost IT.

End users may access Laserfiche either via a web client or downloadable software client on Windows computers. To obtain the correct web URL to access Laserfiche’s Web Client, contact the department whose repository you wish to access, or Provost IT. To download the Laserfiche desktop client to your computer, visit the software downloads page.

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Access Laserfiche Web Client >>Download Laserfiche Desktop Client >>
  • Predetermined staff, faculty and student workers within the:
    • Department of Contracts & Grants
    • Office of the Executive Vice Provost, Academic & Faculty Affairs (including departmental and school tenure/promotion/appointment/faculty affairs staff)
    • Office of International Services
    • Office of the Provost
    • Office of the President
Data Security
  • Approved to store high-risk data, with the exception of payment card and personal health information
  • Charged to each department on a per named user basis. Contact Provost IT for the most up-to-date pricing information.
  • Addons, additional plugins, and yearly maintenance are priced separately.