Welcome to your new position!

Welcome to your new student position at USC! As part of your new student worker position, you will be supported by USC Provost IT. To get started in your new position, we recommend reading the following page in its entirety to get your account activated and familiarize yourself with common information technology procedures and questions.

Account Overview & Activation

As part of your employment within a Provost IT-supported office at USC, you will have two accounts: a Provost account and a USCNet ID. The USCNet ID , which you probably already use on a daily basis, is managed by Information Technology Services, USC’s central IT services division, and is used to access key university systems such as Blackboard (e-Learning system), Workday (timekeeping/HR system), and the myUSC portal. Your Provost account is used to login to your desktop and/or laptop computer, Provost file shares (U: drive and others), and other systems your team or office might use that are supported by Provost IT. You will likely use both accounts on a regular basis.

Many departments give different levels of access to student workers to allow them to complete tasks. As a student worker, it’s best to check with your supervisor to see what applications or other IT-related tools you will need access to as part of your position. Should you require assistance accessing specific services or applications, please check with your supervisor or contact Provost IT with the information listed in the next section.

Todo #1

Your Provost account is already activated, and the default password to login to it the first time on your desktop or laptop will be provided to you or your supervisor. After logging in for the first time, you will be required to change the default password to a more secure one. We suggest keeping this password different from the one you set for your USCNet ID.

Getting More Help

Provost IT is available to help with the steps above as well as with any information technology needs you might have during your time at USC. Our customer support offices are open from 8AM-5PM, Monday through Friday and we can be reached via email, helpdesk ticket, or phone.

To reach us via email, send an message to helpdesk@provost.usc.edu. To reach our customer support center, call (213) 821-0009. To submit a helpdesk ticket, visit http://helpdesk.provost.usc.edu and sign in with your Provost account username and password.

To reach the ITS customer support center, call (213) 740-5555.

This website, as well as the USC Information Technology Services site, are also great resources for finding answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. This includes information on remotely accessing your work computer and email, staying safe online, getting your devices connected to USC’s wireless network, and more. The main Provost IT site can be accessed at http://it.provost.usc.edu and the Information Technology Services site can be accessed at http://usc.edu/its.

Helpful Links

Welcome once again to the Trojan Family, and we look forward to meeting and working with you!