Windows Updates are software patches applied to the Windows operating system which add new features, fix bugs, and address important security vulnerabilities.

Provost IT regularly installs Windows Updates on the computers we support. Updates are generally released to supported users after first being tested by Provost IT, and then they are programmed to install automatically after 5:00pm.

Windows Updates can be viewed through Software Center, the same program used to install other applications made available to users supported by Provost IT. You also have the option to manually install updates before the installation deadline set by Provost IT.

Provost IT collects statistics on which computers we support are up-to-date with the latest Microsoft Windows Updates. If your computer has not received updates in a long period of time, we may reach out to you before disabling its network or login access for security purposes.

  • All computers within departments supported by Provost IT
Data Security
  • Not applicable
  • Free for eligible users