Office moves and relocations has information regarding who to contact about safely and properly moving technology equipment.

Provost IT is happy to help supported departments reconnect computers following office moves or relocations. The actual moving of computer hardware however must be done by a qualified moving professional; our team is unable to assist moving computers from one office space or area to another.

Once a date is set for either the connection or disconnection of computer hardware as part of a move, we ask that you provide us with at least three days’ notice so that we may schedule the appropriate staff to visit your office and connect or disconnect equipment as necessary. Additional notice is strongly preferred whenever available. This notice may be made by following the contact link on the right-hand side of this page.

For more information on moving services and arranging for office moves, contact your local facilities administrator. For most Provost IT-supported offices, this is the Provost Planning and Design Office. They can be reached at (213) 821-2833 or via the link below for frequently asked questions.

Telephone equipment is generally moved and rerouted by USC Information Technology Services (ITS). Your facilities administrator will generally involve them during the process of scheduling a move so that telephone extensions may be properly disconnected and/or reconnected at a new location. Provost IT cannot assist with the relocation of telephone services other than making a referral to ITS.

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