Organizational accounts, commonly called “shared accounts” or “org accounts”, are accounts generally used by multiple individuals to access a shared mailbox for a specific department, program, service or office.

Organizational accounts are special ITS-issued accounts which are used for email only. They are generally used for email addresses which are shared by multiple users within a department, such as,, or, for example.

Once created and activated, an org accounts is automatically added to a user’s Outlook account list in the left-hand mailbox and folder pane. If preferred, it may also be added to multiple users in a department or office instead of just one.

Creating an org account is done by placing a request to Provost IT through the link on the right. To ensure accounts are created for the correct purpose, a brief justification is required for each account requested.

The contact for a specific org account may, at any time, adjust the list of users who have access to that account’s mailbox by submitting a ticket to Provost IT.

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Request a new org account form >>
  • Staff and faculty within departments supported by Provost IT may request org accounts
Data Security
  • Approved to store high-risk data, with the exception of payment card and personal health information
  • Free for eligible users, with justification required for new org account creation requests