Sophos is antivirus and antimalware software licensed by ITS and available for free to USC staff, faculty and students. It is installed on all Provost IT-supported computers.

Sophos comes in two primary versions: one intended for USC students, faculty and staff to install on personal computers, and the other for use on university-owned devices operating within the USC network, including those issued by Provost IT. Each version is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The version of Sophos intended for download on personal computers is provided and supported by USC Information Technology Services. It is freely available to eligible users within the USC community and provides advanced antimalware and antivirus capabilities to personal devices owned by USC faculty, staff or students. It is available for download via the link on the right, and more information about it, including installation instructions, can be found at the additional resources link below.

The enterprise version of Sophos is installed automatically on all Provost IT-issued and supported computers. It constantly scans for malicious programs running on your computer and can alert IT staff when such programs are found. Provost IT provides direct support for this version of Sophos, and our team handles remediation, including examination and cleanup, of any items the program detects. If you receive a prompt from Sophos or have any other questions about its use on your Provost IT-issued or supported computer, please contact us.

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  • All staff, faculty, and students
Data Security
  • Approved for installation on computers and servers which process high-risk data
  • Free for eligible users