Avaya EC500, also known as Extend Call or Extend-to-Cellular, allows eligible desk phones/extensions to be forwarded to an individual’s cell phone. It requires setup in advance.

The EC500 feature of Avaya desk phones allows you to specify a telephone number where your calls will be forwarded to on a selective basis. A call forward button on your phone can be programmed to enable or disable this feature. It can also be enabled or disabled remotely by dialing a special phone number (see reference guide below).

When enabled, if you receive a call to your USC desk phone, it will ring your cell phone at the same time. You can answer either phone to take the call. The caller ID will appear as the number that is calling your desk phone.

When EC500 is enabled, you can also transfer calls from your desk phone to cell phone without having the caller’s call dropped; the reverse is also true. For example, if you take a call on your desk phone, you can use the EC500 feature to transfer the call to your cell phone without hanging up on the person you are speaking with.

To enable this feature, you must confirm your desk phone extension and provide your cell phone number to be “tied” to your that desk phone extension. You must also already possess an Avaya-labeled desk phone. Although the feature can be turned on and off easily, changing the cell phone number requires contacting IT.

For questions on how to enable this feature or use it, contact USC Provost IT. Additional documentation is also available at the link below.

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